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This was a fabulous article. Marla thank you for your comments! I forwarded this to so many people!!

Dan, thanks for writing the article!!

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One of Dan's talents is the objectivity of his research and reporting -- listening well and presenting complexity, like that of Blue Zones Project in Brevard. Seems to me, from this read -- and from living in Brevard -- that BZP has made strides among us, contributing to the wellbeing of many, including those kids touched by TC Strong as well as diners at such places as Blue Ridge Bakery and Sunrise Cafe. And yet, goodness knows, we have a long way yet to go, collectively as diverse communities even here in one small mountain town. Good that a not-for-profit, SparkPoint, is being launched!

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The data in the Blue Zones book has been exposed as cherry-picked to fit the author’s bias. It is not a sound scientific work, especially the dietary conclusions.

Follow up observations by others at these healthy sites has found a marked difference in the true diets being consumed; basically folks are eating meat and getting less exercise ( the Greek island mentioned in the book consists of steep hills with nowhere to walk but on the narrow deadly roads-not done!)

Buettner left out entirely the data from healthy old folks at places such as Hong Kong where they consume more meat than anywhere in the world.

And, please, don’t believe that foods are good for us just because they are plants.

Research all the toxins plants use as defense chemicals: lectins, oxalates, phthalates, and more have been known to KILL people. Polyphenols are PLANT anti-oxidants, not HUMAN anti-oxidants.

A plant based diet is pushed by the media mainly due to advertisers’ money, not to actually promote health. Unfortunately it has become the accepted propaganda narrative.

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