I support the decision to replace the Bradford Pear trees. They are beautiful — for a while — but they don’t last, and splinter and lose large limbs as they age (in less than two decades). I personally witnessed this in an Atlanta neighborhood where I used to live, Virginia Highlands, which has a similar few blocks of storefronts and sidewalks. The point came when these trees were constantly breaking apart — they were replaced by more appropriate decorative species. And now it looks great.

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So happy to see them go and be replaced by natives. N.C. has a bounty for them and will replace with native species. Here's the link if anyone is interested- https://www.treebountync.com/

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Although I acknowledge the Bradford’s floriferous display and the sentimental attachment some may have to them, I agree with Helen.

Native species selection for Brevard’s urban landscape restoration project is preferable.

Native species promote ecological sustainability and their esthetic beauty create continuity between our beloved forests and town center.

Their prominent presence downtown will, undoubtedly, inspire residents and businesses to introduce more native species into their residential and commercial landscape designs.

What better way for our beautiful town to embrace modernity than to select species that predate our presence here?

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